Nobody can really remember when Liquid Trauma took its first steps. The project doesn’t have an official date of birth, it all started as a few noncommittal collaborations. Around 2008, TraumaSutra (Peter DK) first joined the stage of EBM legend Liquid G. (Peter VB) to provide additional noise percussion. A few months later Liquid G. programmed beats and wrote lyrics for one of Peter DKs other projects, intens. It was a rough EBM-song that doesn’t reflect the Liquid Trauma sound we hear today, but the collaboration went so fluently that both men decided that a sequel was inevitable.

Into the Silence” followed and this track immediately set the flavour of things to come: EBM with a big influence of dark ambient and ritual music, all done with analogue / VA synths and found objects. Both musicians fuse the Liquid G. and TraumaSutra brands into Liquid Trauma and would soon work in perfect symbiosis. They did a first performance under their new mutual moniker in 2012 @ Porta Nigra fest, and felt the enthusiasm of the audience. In the meanwhile Peter and Peter are gradually composing more songs from ambient to melodic, from slow to … but always with the same purpose: combining the aggressive nature of EBM with the introspective side of ambient.


More sound creations: Liquid Trauma on Soundcloud

Live recording from the first try-out session @ Porta Nigra

Liquid G. on Soundcloud
TraumaSutra on Soundcloud



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